Top Gear


The entrance to the aerodrome...

All that’s missing are the watchtowers

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz with Jeremy Clarkson

Not the best pic of Hamster, Clarkson, and May (sounds like a dodgy law firm, doesn’t it?)

Dunsfold Aerodrome upper left, and Wildwood Golf Club lower right

(sorry about the wiggly outline...drew it with my track ball)


Stiggy brings in $12 million a year in merchandising alone! What a property

One memorable show Jeremy said they were going to finally unveil who the Stig was...the Stig burned up the circuit in a Ferrari, then walked in the studio, there were huge cheers, then a hush as he slowly took off his was Shumy!

Nice one

Photo: Google Earth

Just 30 yards up the road from the White Horse in Shere, the William Bray is owned and run by the very first Stig, Perry McCarthy