Terminator 2


Have I got your attention?

The above is a photo-composite of my backlit artwork for the trailer title

(which was this color blue) and the same backlit art was used for the main title (below)...

My last title job in Hollywood before moving to England the second time

As a point of interest, the brushed metal effect was made by pulling sheets of sandpaper across clear acetate sheets 10 thousandths of inch thick, then airbrushing black ink over them at a sharp angle so the spray would pick up the grooves in the sheet. It took me a pad of 50 sheets (cels) of acetate to get just the right grain look pulling the sandpaper from one side of the sheet to the other. The result was then photographed on a lightbox using color film and color filters in a downshooter animation camera to get just the right color and exposure of all the composite elements. It took weeks of testing to get it right