Patrick & Ivonne


Patrick is a guitarist and Clapton fan from Philly, read Eric’s book and wanted to see the Windmill. In Paris the day before on a whirlwind trip, they dropped in one beautiful Sunday afternoon. Lovely couple

L to R: Marc, Adam, Roley, Ivonne, Edmund (holding Bertie, his new lurcher puppy), yours truly, Rachael, and Patrick. This was the afternoon Adam says is the best one he’s had at the Windmill, so Patrick and Ivonne couldn’t have come on a better day, and I’m sure they will carry fond memories of their visit to us, as we will of them

As Patrick and Ivonne live in Philly, I asked them to send me a picture of them on the steps of the art museum made famous by ‘Rocky.’

Here it is!

I received an email from Patrick and Ivonne the following Christmas (2009) saying they had sent a package to me at the Windmill.

Grant went out into the snow to retrieve a huge box from the boot of his car and I tore into it to find....


How lovely is that? Such sweet people.

(photo by Steve, by-the-way)

Thank you, you knocked my socks off.


I don’t know what to say about your boundless kindness and thoughtfulness.

Good friends