My 1978 xs650 at the Windmill

At Monks Manor where I had the first flat. Daisy now lives in the garage you can see---where she was living when I befriended her---and is fed by two girls in the building

Where the bike broke down on Stane Street, the old Roman road. Ockley green and my little post office womanned by Margaret is just a mile up the road

1976 at the first gas station (ARCO) over the border from Tijuana (Chula Vista) after 2,500 miles from Hollywood to Cabo San Lucas and back with Lesley. At the time, Cabo had not been built up and the road (Highway 1) ended ignominiously in a volley ball court! My 1975 Yamaha performed faultlessly...and these were the golden days with NO helmets!!!! Note the Triumph blister straight-through glasspacks...the bike looked and sounded great. I certainly don’t need an oil cooler on my ’78 Yammy here in England, though.

I still use the SAME pair of Lewis Leather gloves as seen here that I bought at their shop in Great Portland Street in that’s value for money! Note the Levis and Clarks desert uniform since junior high school that I still wear today

...and HERE’S that very station 35 years later... Thanks, Google!