Buzz Aldrin


Buzz checking out the Revival as the Huey swings round to the heliport 800 yards away

Charles March accompanies Buzz to the T-bird. The security guy on the right is the one who gave me the wry smile when I later shook hands with Buzz

The press gaggle

Exchanging business cards with canny photographer

Buzz climbs onto the back of the car unbeknownst to Lord March, who is busy trying to figure out the controls

Lord March not checking his mirrors, just concentrating and about to put his foot down

Charles March enjoying the moment...about to drive one of the most famous men in history around his racecourse in this fabulous this point he hasn’t turned around to check on Buzz or look in his mirrors...completely focused and driving forward

Charles puts his foot down, still oblivious to where Buzz is sitting in the back...Buzz fights to keep his balance and shouts to Charles, “Hey!”