Lindsay olives


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photo: Lynda Adamson... adorable sister!

The idiots at Lindsay had one of the loveliest can labels going and then cocked it up completely. For that reason alone I will never buy Lindsay olives.

I emailed my wonderful sister in the gold rush country of northern California and asked her to look in her local market to see if there were any old cans left...but they were long gone as the label was changed over a year ago.

The lame response I received when I complained to Lindsay was that “the new label brings a fun look at the joy olives bring to our lives.”

Save me from such rank stupidity.

Lynda had a thought...she dug around in her cupboards and came up with an old can! Maybe the only one left in the whole of the USA! it is...such a pretty label, but sadly, gone, except here.

Lynda has wrapped it up and put it in my Explorer along with all my old telephones and antique radios.