(the)Jones Gang Revisited


The new lineup of the Jones Gang left to right:

Nick Cook (percussion, golf---grip like steel---dark horse, helicopters, private jet, and takes up way too much room on stage because of his phenomenal reach and zillions of congas, timbales, coconuts, washboards, and various other noise-makers and laundry implements...it’s rumored he takes in washing on the side), Josh Phillips (keyboards---plays Whiter Shade of Pale in his sleep, the Procol Harum smoothie---and puts on comedy shows, yuk-yuk), Danny Bowes (vocals and singer with Thunder and a bunch of other things I know nothing about),

Kenney Jones (the leader of the pack and uhhh....oh! DRUMS! Yes, that’s it...drums...LOTS of drums---he takes up even more room on stage than Nick---and tractors---don’t forget the tractors---and diggers, mowers, helicopters, chicken coops, drainage pipes, horse boxes, Grand Cru Chablis, minky lights, barn conversions, and did I mention tractors? Plus a whole bunch of other fascinating stuff...no, really...FASCINATING!),

Dave “Bucket” Colwell (guitars, beers & tears, jewelry, tattoos, Vauxhall Astra, and German girlfriend), and the great Rick Wills--“Ricky”--(bass, golf---but only if he wins...it drives him nuts if I beat him because he’s so much better than me---and the odd drop of fine wine thrown in...not necessarily in that order...he likes to keep his options open...and...another bringer of Cheez-Its from America to yours truly)

Photo during a break in rehearsal in Kenney’s barn for one of their many gigs

(yes...they really do rehearse! Be nice)

They just won’t stop posing! (such a natural bunch of posers, anyway)

More posing: “Let’s do some posing OUTSIDE, too!”

So...we did this photo of them posing (again) outside. You can see how much they love it (yawn).

Note the clever descending grouping by height...such talent...

you have to admit they look kinda cute, though!

I think that’s my car in the lower right-hand corner...pretty slick, huh?