Incident at the gate


Tracey beat me to the gate (I thought she was behind me). It was dark and pissing with rain, so she started pushing the gate closed to get this done as quickly possible so she wouldn’t get soaked, assuming I could see her, but my windows were really misted up and I assumed the gate was still fully opened. THUD!

BOOF! The crash actually smashed the headlight and blinker, but luckily I had a spare headlight and taped and epoxied the blinker together and managed to bend the metal back into enough shape to jam the new bits in place...but now the gate is out of whack, though luckily it was designed really well and has an adjustment at the hinge that can straighten it up no harm done. But I’ll get razzled at the club nonetheless and I know it will become the night ‘the American’ drove into the gate!