Hurtwood Park Polo Club 4


‘Want to throw a party? Jayne Jones is the QUEEN of parties! Tell her what you want and she’ll knock your socks off. This party for a girl’s very special birthday included THREE marquees married to the clubhouse, plus a bespoke entrance. One marquee was as big as an airplane hangar, complete with full bar, stage, waterfall (naturally), river...and done up to the nines with trees, crystal chandeliers, multi-levels, bridges, spectacular lighting, and the kitchen sink! I even saw a life-size moose! An absolute first-class fairly-land. Nobody does it better.

The Birthday Babe!

I knew about this spectacular party, but had NO idea at all. I stopped off at midnight to see if Kenney was about...he was the first person I saw as I stepped inside. Kenney kindly offered me a glass of wine and Jayne asked if I had seen the inside...I said, “No,” and she said, “Paul, go have a look!” Well. I was knocked flat, came back out into the club gobsmacked and Jayne said they had no one taking pictures or video! I dashed home, grabbed the gear and grabbed these shots towards the end of the evening. Not the best pics, but hopefully will give you some idea of what can be done when you let Jayne loose with your ideas.

The entrance to

Party Central!