Guitars, Beers & Tears


The cover (at last!) for Buck’s landmark rock album

This is Alan Birch’s original photo...

...all I had to work with. Not exactly

the right aspect ratio, you know?

Bucket’s original concept he handed to me...

...but it was all low resolution and not suitable for print, so I had to find a similar a brick wall. This one looks like it is in Spain or Mexico judging by the motif over the bars...he was dropped in

I found a brick wall in Southwark, then the barred grate and then the window bars in separate places and dropped them in...including the doorway...the pavement is from a separate shot as are the leaves and the bottom 8 courses of brick on the wall. I said I wanted that shot of Suzan in the photo out of focus and looking at him, and Bucket finally decided to try to do something with the corrugated tin wall, which we went for and finalized

Like any creative person, I like creating from scratch, not working on other people’s concepts, but when you agree to do something, you do it! I was glad to help a good friend who is not only frighteningly talented, but a lovely guy.

And THIS is a GREAT album!