Funky Features


The “Official” FF flag we flew out the 3rd storey window daily. Made and lovingly tie-dyed by some forgotten girl who loved the company (or was it one of us?).

Now on my wall in Forest Green, Surrey. One of my early airbrush illustrations on the right to pad out my portfolio to get work in LA. Done at the LaBamba house in 1978

The famous Funky Features house at 142 Central street, in the Haight-Ashbury district, San Francisco. Gary & Franky would stay here, and I watched Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon in the little front room at the very top of the house

My very first poster, after the Doors’ hit,

Light My Fire. This poster was ripped off all over the world, and as a result was the most printed poster image of all time, according to

Graphis Magazine.

My second poster, after the Beatles’ A Day in the Life...the most complex “mechanical” graphic image ever produced...56 full-size film positives to make the multi-layered image. This poster made us a bundle of money and gave me the film knowledge to eventually design major film titles in Hollywood, 13 years later