Flexy (Flexy Racer)


A rocket on wheels. The Flexy was the fastest thing on 4 wheels a kid could possess and fucking dangerous.. I think this little rocketship got me well and truly into the ‘speed’ thing, which hasn’t abated since. The wheels were mounted on ball bearings to the axles, so like the Energizer Bunny they could really spin and keep on spinning. You could lay down on it on a hill, sit on it and steer with your feet, and on flat ground, race along by kneeling on it and pushing with one leg. The brakes were operated by turning the steering handles downwards where that little tab would rub against the rubber tire. The steering was counter-sprung so it always wanted to steer straight...turning was an increasing effort...a safety feature, otherwise at speed it would be easy to flip if you were a geek. Any racer worth his salt got rid of those things immediately!

I loved my Flexy. I got it for Christmas from my Dad when I was 8...some jerk stole it when I was 14, otherwise I would still have it and probably mount it on a wall