Explosion Paintings


I dreamed up this idea as a send-up of pop art in the 60’s (something I really like and have done a lot of)...but in fact, they are pretty neat and fun to do as performance art.

I have done explosion paintings on various TV shows, including one memorable appearance with Gypsy Rose Lee...one of the most charming women I have ever met.

At radio station KSFO in San Francisco I stuck firecrackers in the drilled soundproof tiles of the DJ booth on Al ‘Jazzbeaux’ Collins’ show (from the famed ‘Purple Grotto’), glopped paint on them live, lit them, and not only made a mess of the booth, but blew the microphone as well! (the sound engineer’s headphones came flying off!)

The next morning, Don Sherwood rolled in for the 6 to 9 am slot (he was the most popular radio DJ in northern California---’Donny Babes’) with a raging hangover and when confronted with my ‘art’ thought he had finally gone too far the previous night and crossed over the line!