Grandma’s cabinet that Dad and I both grew up in a storage locker in West Plains, Missouri. I need this book to be a success so I can afford to have it packed up and shipped to England!

The remote lake in the Ozarks where Dad is buried. The dam at the far end is where Dad taught his Grandson to fish and where Alex caught his first fish at 6 years old in 1995. RIP Dad xxx

On the way east from LAX to West Plains. These cars were doing a Route 66 homage

Coming into Flagstaff on the way back and heading for my sister’s in northern California

The three selfless women who helped me for three solid days clearing out Dad’s house and couldn’t do enough. L to R: Mary Lee (Dad’s niece), Wilma (Dad’s helper), and Janet (Mary Lee’s sister). I couldn’t have done it all without them. Dad’s sweet cat, Snoopy, now lives happily with Wilma in a fabulous rural heaven!

Dad showing Alex how it’s done, and Alex getting down to the serious business at hand

By the time I buried Dad’s ashes by that light green tree on the other side of the lake next to his second wife’s ashes 13 years after this photo was taken, this bench was completely rotted away