The four (very empty) boxes Maurizio and Oleg brought back from LA, and the HUGE (very full) box Geoff and Ann brought back from Costco in Palm Springs!

The six boxes John Caslione brought back from Chicago are long gone!

“I always use Cheez-its in my dishwasher...”

When I placed the boxes on the bar to photograph them for you, Kenney immediately grabbed the three-pound box and held it up, uttering the hilarious words above

The Cheez-it house at 33rd and Ortega in San Francisco.

My love of Cheeze-its began here when I was 9. My mother lived here with her second husband, Gordon (Mom and Dad divorced when I was 1)---their first house before they moved to what is now Silicone Valley. I would visit every other weekend, and the first time I visited there, Mom placed some Cheez-its in a black porcelain dish (they really stood out) and I was hooked.

One other wonderful memory I have of this place is watching Buzz Cory and Space Patrol on Saturday mornings.

Most probably accompanied by the crunch of Cheez-its!

photo: Google Earth