Bad Company


These are the four comps I did for Paul Rodgers the first week in January 1975 after our New Year’s Eve jam at his neighbor’s house in Putney (done with Caran d’Asche crayons...I hadn’t yet learned how to use an airbrush) for

Bad Company’s second album, which hadn’t yet been given a title. By the end of that year I would be airbrushing my ass off in my lovely Spanish apartment above the Hollywood Bowl...but didn’t know that when I did these. I hadn’t even thought of moving back to America at this point...but met a girl at Supertramp’s Going to America farewell party and we decided to throw our lot in together and go back to San Francisco. I ended up in LA that summer, thankfully, and got into the wonderful movie business. Paul wanted the lower right one...I would have done it in oils and I think it would have looked pretty good.